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A Guide to Monitoring Your Burglar Alarms

A Guide to Monitoring Your Burglar Alarms

If you get a burglar alarm maintenance contract, your alarm will be checked once a year or twice a year if you want a police monitoring contract. This can be checked either by an installer coming to your home, or remotely by the company contracted to do so. Costs for that can vary, particularly as you can get different levels of maintenance, such as additional free call outs or parts included. Having your alarm system professionally maintained can help tackle any problems with false alarms. It’s also a requirement of some insurance companies, and a requirement if you want a monitoring contract in addition.

There are three options if you would like to have your burglar alarms in Newcastle monitored, so someone will be alerted if it goes off: a speech dialler, a key holder contract or a police contract. You can get a monitoring contract for a wired or wireless alarm but the alarm itself and installation needs to conform to certain standards – so choosing the right installer is very important here. There are two types of monitoring contract: a key holder and a police response. With both types, you pay extra per month or annually to have your alarm system monitored, which means the nominated key holder or the police will be alerted when the alarm goes off.

The idea is that the alarm systems connects to a receiving centre, so if your alarm is triggered, it will be notified. The receiving centre will first of all ring your home asking for your password identification. If this is incorrect or no one answers, either it will take action, inform the key holder or call the police. A speech dialler, which can also be a text alert for the hearing impaired, is a device built into or connected to a wired or wireless alarm. The idea is that when the alarm goes off, the speech dialler will call or text a set of phone numbers of your choice, for example family members or your mobile, until it gets an answer or can leave an automated message.

This can be a good alternative to a professional monitoring service, as a professional service can involve monthly fees. Speech diallers are usually free as they are built into the alarm, so they just need to be activated or connected to the phone line. Key holder monitoring is done through a company which will either respond itself when the alarm is triggered, or will contact your nominated key holders. These companies usually offer maintenance contracts too and can remotely check for problems, just make sure you get yourself a breakdown of extra costs this could incur before committing to buy. Nominated key holders must be within twenty minutes of the house, be able to drive and have access to the house. It’s your responsibility to keep the alarm company up to date with their details, and suggest alternatives if they are away.