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Common Mistakes with Sales Team Territory Mapping

Common Mistakes with Sales Team Territory Mapping

When you are trying to get a sales team to help you with territory mapping then here are the common mistakes that you need to know so that you will be able to avoid them before you even start getting some service.

So if in the event you already have a sales team for territory mapping then the first mistake that you need to check is if you are using spreadsheets in managing your people to hit sales targets. Well there is actually nothing wrong in using spreadsheets, it just lacks some factors that will be able to make you see the bigger picture of what is happening since it is less likely for you to see if there are any mistakes in the data that is being input on the spreadsheet, since it does not have any way for you to trace when changes are made.

Then, another mistake that you really need to avoid when you have a dedicated team for sales territory mapping is when the sales people are not focused on your customers, like their needs and what not, but instead you are focusing the sales strategies on you as the seller. It is actually a mistake when your sales team is focusing on you as the seller to make your business known instead of focusing on how the customers can benefit from your services or products. One important thing about it is that you need your target customers to know that they are the important ones, like they are being heard so that they will value your company.


Also, another mistake is that if you actually do not get help from third party sales territory mapping experts since you will commit mistakes if you will try to pull off a one man show since there are a lot of things with sales that you actually need to focus so that you will not lose your chance to be able to make a sale. That is why you need to make sure that you will be able to get a highly reputable third party sales team for territory mapping who can provide you territory maps software.

And then one of the most crucial mistakes that you need to avoid is when you are under servicing or over servicing your customers in different areas where your business is present. One thing with under servicing your customers is that you will not be able to provide them enough service that they deserve which would result to a lower rate of customer satisfaction. Now when it comes to over servicing your customers, that is still a mistake since you will be encountering demanding customers and with the over servicing factor, you will tend to spend more to be able to serve your customers when in fact, in reality, it is already over servicing.