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Earphone Response Matters in Music Clarity

Earphone Response Matters in Music Clarity

Music clarity is the ultimate goal of listening to music. The parallel is HD quality in video. You do not want to listen to music with lousy music quality. Did you know that your earphone response has a lot to do with music quality? At 1more branded earphones, you have an array of earphones that will come up to your clear music expectations. You can choose exactly what type of earphone has the best music clarity response. You cannot expect such type of quality on generic earphone or lesser quality brands. Branded earphone makers have invested much in getting technology for music clarity.

earphones-791188__180The Low Frequency Must not be Too Loud

To test if your earphone response is right, you need first to play your music that has low frequency. This is music where the bass is loud on the speakers. On the earphone, music clarity comes when the low-frequency bass is not too loud. The sound also does not dissipate quickly but goes on a low prolonged sound. It also does not hurt your ear. This is the ultimate test. At the right volume clear bass sound does not hurt your ear. If it hurts your ear even in low volume, the low frequency is not clear. It is of the broken sound quality which is not the trademark of branded earphones.

The Mid Frequency Must be Clear

The mid frequency response to your earphone is usually not very well appreciated. This is the frequency where the vocals are placed. If you are familiar with the song and if the lyrics cannot be understood as you play the music, the mid frequency is lacking. It lacks music clarity. Some rhythm instruments also are in the same mid frequency. In songs with acoustic guitar, this is where you will hear the strumming. There is good music clarity if you can hear the tiny details of the rhythm. When you combine the frequency with good low frequency, you already get low and mid frequency clarity.

The High Frequency Must not Hurt

The high frequency is where you get those cymbals and percussive sound. The sound reproduction must not hurt your ear. If the earphone reproduces sound that hurts your ear, then it is not music clarity but music distortion already. The high frequency balances the mid and low to produce the whole music spectrum. If one area is distorted, the whole music spectrum will not produce clear music. Every portion of the music spectrum, the low then mid and high has to produce the same quality. Your branded earphone can do that.

There you have it. It is the music response and reproduction of your earphone that will produce music clarity. If one area fails, then you get distorted kind of music. If you are discriminating with your music, you can easily distinguish the difference. The branded earphone of your choice can give you the kind of music that you will enjoy. There is no compromise with music clarity.