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Ways and Approaches In Dealing with Wood Shrinkage

Ways and Approaches In Dealing with Wood Shrinkage

It is very important to know the moisture content of the wood because this will help you determine the if the wood is likely to shrink or expand. Due to some seasonal changes and temperature change within the environment or setting, these will usually cause the wood to shrink or expand the moisture content of the wood is the one main reason of the shrinking and expanding of any types and kinds of woods. There was an experiment done to prove the claim that wood shrinks during the cold season especially when the wood moisture content is high.

A man made a chair out of wood during the summer, a dry season and then he was observing the chair from then on. When the cold season has finally arrived, he then noticed a sudden change of the form of the wooden chair. He was able to notice that the seat of the tool has shrunk on the lathe that was perfectly round. Thus, one has to put into the account of considering the moisture content of the wood especially when most of the furniture is made up of woods. Fortunately, there are some approaches that you can do to this growing concern of shrinking and expanding of woods.

Rigidly Hold the Wood Into Place
When you rigidly hold the would into place, this will overpower the wood movement. Thus the shrinking rate will be minimized and lessened. Using of plywood in this approach works better. Overlapping of the joints of band saw frame will be able to do the job. This will work because the wood has a flexibility content and feature perpendicular to the grain. Thus, squishing the wood together will tighten up the wood, making the air space and gaps in between the woods lessened and minimized. Thus there will be lesser space for the cold or dry air to enter into the wood. To overpower a certain wood, the joint should be tight. Thus, this kind of approach is sometimes called compression.

Join The Wood To Allow A Little Movement
For example, for a coffee table, the top is joined to the upper frame with four small blocks on it. So when the top shrinks during the cold season or when the wood expands during the hot season, it allows the wood to slide around the slots.
So those are the two main things which you can do to address the wood shrinkage rate. But also take note that with or without varnish, the moisture content of wood will usually take a very long time before it can change. And also, there is now a device that has been developed to measure the moisture content of any kinds of woods, and this is the Moisture Meters for Wood. All you have to do is to attach the prongs to the wood, and it will automatically measure the level of the moisture content of the wood.